We’ve built a new physical and cerebral space for Christchurch digital and ICT start-ups – a collaborative hub focused on supporting and commercialising small business. GreenHouse matches the ambition of our tenants with expert oversight and diligent guidance. It allows budding businesses to think big and succeed quickly. It’s here to help you grow.

To grow up you first have to dig deep.
We’ve got the space in which to do so,
and the expertise to help you thrive.



Including Business models, pitching skills, branding


Including goal setting, measuring, tracking

service-partner-support-iconPARTNER SUPPORT

Discount services from GreenHouse partners


Regular events and informal get-togethers


Expert guidance from experienced professionals


Interns and other on-the-ground assistance


Alignment with local, national and international tools


Including desk and meeting spaces, printing, video conferencing

History and Evolution

GreenHouse is based at 146A Lichfield Street in Christchurch’s Innovation Precinct. This precinct brings together talented people and businesses at a central location in the heart of the new city.

The initiative was founded to ensure early-stage ICT businesses could cost-effectively access the facilities and experience they need to develop and grow. The benefits of working within both this innovative environment and the wider Innovation Precinct community are considerable.

GreenHouse is brought to you by the ChristchurchNZ, and is supported by the Ministry for Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

“In order to change the world,
you have to get your head together first.”

Jimi Hendrix

How we work

The modern business environment is agile, connected and competitive. Within the digital industry achieving the right focus and timing at an early stage is crucial. Spend too long in development and the world will pass you by. Introduce ill-prepared products or services and it will write you off.

Successful digital and ICT start-ups fail fast, learning from mistakes and improving quickly and confidently. Within the right environment such a process can provide the perfect balance of cultivation, progression and expansion. That’s why our maximum tenancy is 18 months.

In the first month we’ll work with you on your business model, creating a vision for your business that is both realistic and ambitious. We’ll then work with you to set early milestones. You’ll need to reach these goals within six months to remain in GreenHouse. After 18 months you’ll then be helped to find workspace more suited to the next stage of your growth.

The stage-gate process for GreenHouse tenants involves planning and setting key performance indicators in month one, a stage-gate review in months 6 and 12 and an exit review in month 18.

Reviews will carefully gauge the progress the tenant’s KPIs and hold the entity accountable. Those who have not achieved satisfactory progress will not be permitted to continue their tenancy. The aim of the exit review will be to ensure the entity is prepared for the next step, helping to plan for the future and identifying how GreenHouse can provide supplementary assistance with the execution of this plan.


We’re after people with early-stage ideas and initiatives in the ICT and digital space.

You’ll want to grow beyond the everyday, the garden-variety, the ‘also-ran’. You’ll be passionate about what you do and where you want to be. You’ll likely be pre-revenue and may not have even registered your business as a company yet.

Most importantly, you’ll be willing to take on feedback and be excited about the opportunity to be challenged and pushed to grow your ideas into a successful commercial enterprise.


If you’d like to be part of GreenHouse please complete the form below to register your interest. We’ll be back in touch promptly with all the details you require.


Established businesses.
It’s time to talk growth potential.

GreenHouse can help your business connect, commit and grow in two significant ways.


First, we’d like to hear from existing Christchurch companies who are enthusiastic about helping entrepreneurs grow their business. To be eligible for a supporter space in GreenHouse you must:

  • Provide products or services relevant to our members, and be prepared to offer these services at
    discounted rates;
  • Have your own offices outside GreenHouse; and
  • Be willing to share your knowledge and experiences at our events.


Second, we have private office space available for skunkworks research and development teams from existing ICT and digital businesses. Our central location and focused community provides the perfect opportunity for such teams to gain everyday inspiration and increased momentum.

To register your interest, complete the form below.